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The purpose of this wiki is to provide information about the browser game the Virtual Dex Project, or the VDex Project. This is designed to help both new and "seasoned" players of the game. As with most any other wiki, anyone can contribute and help it grow.

Note: I am not the creator of the VDex Project. Shirogane is. I am just a fan of the game, trying to help other fans of the game.

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The VDex Project is a web-based game based on the video game series, Pokemon. The game is still in beta stage, but is available for anyone to sign up and play. The story, based on the creator Shirogane's webcomic Reversed, centers around a more post-apocalyptic world where humans and Pokemon have to learn to trust one another again. Humans are now being invited into the virtual world by "Pokehumans," or human-like creatures that were once Pokemon until they were transformed by unknown means. Players are assigned a Pokehuman partner, who accomapnies them on their journey and offers insights into the world around them.


The Virtual Dex Project (VDex) is (C) to its creator, Shirogane (Shiro). Pokemon (including names, related images, etc.) is (C) to Nintendo and Game Freak, and any related owners. No profit, except knowledge about the specific game in question, is made from this project.


There is only one thing Shiro has stipulated regarding this wiki: things that tell the players how to find certain Pokemon or items are not to be posted. Hints are fine. Specific details are not.